Rudolf Reinhardt Richter

Along the River Rhine reigned a rotten king. His name was Rudolf Reinhardt Richter and he was a rather rickety rich old king. Rudolf did not share his riches with any one. The people along the River Rhine wrote to the Queen of Rwanda. The Queen wrote back and said that they should get rid of King Rudolf, and have her reign along the River Rhine instead. So the people got rid of Rudolf Reinhardt Richter and the rather radiant Queen of Rwanda, Ruth Rasha now rules the River Rhine and the people there are really roaring with cheers.


Comprehension activity, answer the questions below.
Make sure you spell the words correctly.

Along what river did a rotten king reign? blank
What was the rotten king's middle name? blank
What was the rotten king's last name? blank
Was the king very poor? blank
The people wrote to the Queen of what country? blank
What was the Queen's name? blank
What didn't King Rudolf share? blank
In which continent is the Rhine River? blank



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