Sam the sausage man

Sam sold sausages on Saturday and Sunday evenings at seven o'clock. Some people would come and slobber down Sam's sausages. Sam said to one silly man that slobbered down his seventh sausage; Do you know how to slobber down a sausage the way I do? The sloppy silly man said no. So.... Sam picked up a sausage, slopped sauce on it and slobbered the loudest slobber ever. He slobbered and spat in the most disgusting way. He made a slop and a slobber and then slip, slop, slap Sam spewed up the sausage fat.


Find the listed words in the puzzle below.

Sam blank
Sausage blank
Saturday blank
Sunday blank
Seven blank
Slobber blank
Slop blank
Spat blank
Slip blank
Slap blank

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