Uncle Udo

Uncle Udo lived in the USA. He was an unfriendly uncle and was unknown to his grandkids. One after noon they visited uncle Udo and found him under his ute wearing his unusual uniform, unconscious! So they took him up stairs laid him on his unusual bed. It was unbelievably untidy. Uncle Udo had bumped his head for the umpteen time on the ute's useless bull bar. Now Uncle Udo is not unfriendly anymore. You see the unusual bump on his head made him usefully nice. Now we visit Uncle Udo in his unit, with his ute in the USA every summer.


Comprehension activity, answer the questions below.
Make sure you spell the words correctly.

Which country does Uncle Udo live in? blank
Who was Uncle Udo unknown to? blank
Where did his grandkids find him one afternoon. blank
Was Uncle Udo friendly before he bumped his head? ... blank
What did Uncle Udo bump his head on? blank
What does Uncle Udo live in? blank
During what season do the grandkids visit Uncle Udo? blank
What kind of vehicle does Uncle Udo have? blank


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