Alex Ox and his x-rays

Alex Ox from Oxford took extraordinary x-rays. He x-rayed an excellent shot of Xerxes, King of Persia. Next he explained to King Xerxes how the x-ray tube worked, but it exploded. As Alex Ox ran for the exit he lost his Xerox machine as well as his x-ray machine. Never mind he thought I'll get some new ones this X-mas. When X-mas came he got an axe and xylophone instead of a Xerox machine and a x-ray machine. Alex drew a large X on a log and axed it with his new axe. Next X-mas Alex was exited at playing the xylophone for Xerxes the King of Persia, who had forgiven him for the explosion of his x-ray tube.


Comprehension activity.
Fill in the correct answers below.

Where does Alex Ox come from? blank
Which country was Xerxes King of? blank
Alex Ox lost his Xerox machine and his ..... ? blank
Did Alex Ox x-ray an excellent shot of Xerxes? ... blank
What did Alex draw a large X on? blank
What did Alex axe with his new axe? blank
What was Alex exited at playing for Xerxes? blank
What exploded? blank


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