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Tiger Scramble

The Caspian Tigers were medium-sized having closely striped fur. They was once found along the Caspian sea to Iran, Afghanistan and the southern USSR. They are now thought to be extinct. The Chinese Tigers have not been seen in the wild for many years and only about 40 survive in zoos around the world. Also called the Manchurian Tigers. The Bali Tigers were already rare in 1900 and the last one was shot in 1937. The Sumatran Tigers lived of the island of Sumatra, most of them were killed by poachers. Because of the loss of their forest home, only about 150 Sumatran Tigers survive in zoos.
The Indochinese Tigers are found from southern China and eastern Burma to Vietnam and the Malay Peninsula. There are less than 50 left in the wild. The Javan Tigers, are from the island of Java and are almost certainly extinct. They were the smallest of the tigers, having a rather dark coat. The Siberian Tigers are the largest of the tigers. They live in the far eastern part of Russia and part of the north-eastern parts of China. There are only about 300 surviving in the wild, but over 600 in zoos. The Indian Tigers have the largest population today. There are around 4,000 left. They are a medium-sized tiger with a short glossy coat of rich golden brown, and they live in a wide variety of habitats.


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