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This worksheet comes from the linked workbook and has this assignment and lots of other fun science worksheets related to the science names projects.



An Ecologist is a person who studies why plants and animals live in some places and not in other places. They try to discover what conditions the plants and animals need in order to survive. They also try to find out how much space an animal needs and how the food chain is linked to particular plants and animals. An ecologist studies the ecology and how each species fits into its ecosystem. Ecologists studied snakes in Thailand and warned that if the killing of snakes continued the rice crops would be effected. Their warning was ignored and snake killing continued. Mice and rats bred heavily and now the rice crops are eaten by the vermin. The rats and mice natural predator (the snake) has been reduced enormously to the detriment of rice crop.


You can be an ecologist too!

Visit a known area in your region, write a record of what you observe for one month.

Go to the local library and learn about that area by looking up any past records e.g.
1. rain fall.
2. types of trees.
3. animals.
4. insects.
Can you predict any outcomes if certain practices continue?




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