A Landslide


Landslide disasters occur when large masses of soil and rock crash down a mountain side. In China, December 1920, a landslide killed about 200.000 people. An earthquake triggered this landslide.

A slump landslide may occur when earth is removed from the foot of a steep slope. This occurs especially when rain soaks the ground and lubricate the rocks.





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Mount St. Helens in the USA erupted 18th May 1980 with such force it left 12 kilometres (8 miles) of shattered countryside behind causing rivers to flood, sweeping up vehicles and houses.

The landslide that followed turned more than 52.000 hectares ( 130.000 acres) of beautiful mountain scenery into a devastated wasteland. Mount St. Helens forms part of the Cascade Range in northwest America.

The once beautiful snow-capped mountain was a favourite holiday spot for thousands of climbers and campers.
In March 1980, the peace was disturbed by tremors and geologists working in the area knew something was going to happen. Two months later 57 people died when it erupted.




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