Guinea Pigs

Picture of two male guinea pigs

The reason you will find white, brown, black and mixed colour guinea pigs is because people have bred them to have these colours. The black one is bigger and his name is 'Sooty'. The brown and white one is called 'Piglet'. They are both males and get along with each other really well and getting into a lot of mischief.

Biological Data

females sows
males boars
normal body temperature 38. 6°C (101°F)
heart beats per minute 280
normal respiration rate 80 per minute 
weight- adult boar 900-1180g
weight-adult sow 860- 900g
birth weight 57-85g
life span 5-7 years 
light requirement  10- 12 hours
litter size 2-3 at first 3-6 subsequent litters


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