Outcomes: Technology - computer skills, Internet skills, research skills, photography skills

Student Tasks: 1) Search the Internet for Praying Mantis web sites. Include these web sites as a footnote on your English essay or make a separate note of these for inclusion of the mantis theme project. 2) You will need a camera or a digital camera for this task. Organize a summer day when you can visit a park or large garden. Hunt around for a praying mantis. Take several photos for inclusion of your mantis project. The scanned images below are of a dead praying mantis found near a water hole.

Scanned image of the head.

Scanned image of the wings

Scanned image of abdomen

Scanned image of part of the back leg

Complete scanned image of the praying mantis found.
Ants had already cleaned out all the internal organs and its body was merely a shell left behind.


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