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In the Netherlands they speak Dutch. It would be impossible to teach you the Dutch language in a few worksheets, it would take month or years for you to learn the Dutch language effectively. However, below is a list of the Dutch numbers. It's a start and important if you wanted to buy something. You could simply point at the item and say the number in Dutch. Of course you could use your fingers to indicate the amount you want but being able to say a few words would be great don't you think? The pronunciation is written behind each number to help you along. Give it a try!

one - een 1 six - zes 6
two - twee 2 seven - zeven 7
three - drie 3 eight - acht 8
four - vier 4 nine - negen 9
five - vijf 5 ten - tien 10

When you've learned how to pronounce the numbers in Dutch go to the worksheet called

'Write Dutch numbers'



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