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Certain chemicals are specifically made by scientists to kill certain things such as insecticide and herbicide. When using these poisons, because that is what they are, you need to read the instructions carefully. Poisons like some herbicides do much harm to the human body if it is absorbed through the skin or worse, swallowed. Always wear protective clothing if you are going to use a herbicide to kill grass or weeds.

We use special words if we want to express certain issues which are of course unpleasant issues and have caused death. You may have watched a homicide movie on television so I guess you would know what that word means. There are many other words such as suicide, insecticide, germicide, fungicide, genocide, infanticide, and regicide. Do you know what any of those words mean? Let's find out what each word kills and increase are word knowledge base. Use a dictionary if you are in doubt... don't guess, be sure of your answer.

Draw a line to the correct answer.

1. Suicide A germ
2. Insecticide Yourself
3. Homicide Any plant
4. Germicide An insect
5. Fungicide A fungus
6. Genocide Any human being
7. Infanticide A race of people
8. Herbicide A king
9. Regicide A child

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