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Are there any ropes on a boat? Yes...and....No Although rope is used on a boat they are often called something else. I guess it would be confusing if the captain shouted: "Pull the rope in... no, not that one the other rope, the little one... no the other rope attach to...." The shouting session could continue all day as a rope is a rope, big, small, fat or thin it is still a rope. So to stop confusion and to call each rope by its proper name everyone who is a regular sailor should know the names of the ropes on a boat. So next time you are on a boat and the captain shouts: "Grab the painter!" you may know exactly what to do. Enjoy learning about shrouds, manropes, a rode, a painter, a halyard and a lanyard. Use the Internet, library books or a dictionary to find your answers.

Draw a line to the correct name of each rope.

1. an anchor rope shrouds
2. the rope that hoists the sail manropes
3. the four ropes holding the mast up straight a rode
4. the rope lifting the pail a painter
5. the ropes on the gangway a halyard
6. what pulls the dinghy a lanyard



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