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To speak your own language really well is important. It is also handy to speak a second language and if you can master three or more languages that is considered brilliant. You should try to master your native language not only in speaking or pronunciation, but in spelling as well. Hand writing is not as popular now with the introduction of computers but it is still extremely important to learn it properly. You can buy language software programs to help you learn a second language and there is a large selection of language books available from bookshops who specialise in foreign languages. But first, let's take a look at your own language by forming a discussion group and considering the following points:

1. Why is it important to speak your own language really well?

2. Why, when or where would a second language come in handy?

3. What language do you consider is most spoken in the world?

4. Do you think that children who come from a multicultural background have an advantage with learning languages?

5. If you are learning a second language, do you think you will ever master it properly and would you use it in the future?


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