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Cubes cube

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You will need 2 cubes for this activity.

How many sides does 1 cube have? ______________

If you took 2 sides away, how many sides would you have then? _______________

How many sides do 2 cubes have? _________________

If you took 3 sides away, how many sides would you have then? ________________

Draw a 3D cube: draw a 3D cube

Learning about shapes forms an important part of maths. Cubes have always fascinated children so this cube worksheet is ideal to investigate cubes for students who have never learned about cubes before or for those who need revision work done. Ideally you should have several cubes available for students to handle, rotate and observe. These can be made from wood, plastic, rubber, cardboard or paper. If you want to take this activity a step further you can make a paper cube with your students. Either have each student make their personal cube which they can decorate as well or make an extra large cube as a group project.

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