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Circle the words that are languages.

English French Teacup Dutch
Fridge German Spanish Grittle
Italian Tabletop Chinese Japanese

Write the languages you circled in alphabetical order.






Culture fascinates most students and it is an exiting subject to teach. Foreign countries, far away places, exotic island, colourful people, new foods and different languages all add to the delight of learning about other countries and their unique cultures. Although this worksheet only deals with the language side of things it can be used as part of your culture lesson. Incorporate it with geography, history or any other topic which covers culture. Some other ideas you could do: draw flags of countries, collect pictures from magazines showing people, food, housing or animals. You can also teach your students that even though many people use the English language in their country, it is not necessarily proper English. There is for example American-English and Australian-English. New Zealanders also speak English but again they have their slang too. Definitely a topic to be examined further and explored using a variety of avenues.


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