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Recycle Technology

space robot

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....make a space robot....

Collect old bits and pieces which were once part of a technology item for your recycled technology space robot. Robots are used in technology all the time and your task is to make your very own space robot.

Use glue, string or thin wire to hold your space robot together. You can work alone or ask a couple of friends to help design the robot. Have fun and don't get spaced out...!

space robot planet rocket

Technology is an exciting topic to teach and learn about. If you are a teacher at school or teaching your children at home, technology and enterprise is a fantastic area to really delve into. Because we live in an industrial era we deal with technology on a daily basis right from getting up in the morning until going to sleep at night. There is the electronic alarm clock, the electric toothbrush, flushing toilets, showers, stoves, kettles, toasters, radios, televisions, computers, cars, buses and so much more... the list is endless. Ask your students if they think they could live one day without using technology items. You'll find it quite surprising! Just think about it... could you live a day or a week without using items which were made using technology? Simple things like food, clothing and a place to sit would become obsolete. What would we need to get back to the real basics, no electricity, no gas, no flowing water from the tap? Life has become so different than let's say a hundred years ago, that most of us don't give it any thought. Enjoy teaching technology to your students and enjoy learning about technology yourself.

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