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The Four Seasons rat

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Design and create your seasonal poster.

What you need:

1: One large A3 blank paper

2: Glue

3: Leaves different colours, cotton wool, tiny sticks, flowers


What to do:

Collect several things that suit each season. (like green leaves for summer. Orange or brown leaves for autumn, cotton wool ( snow ) for winter and little flowers for spring.)

Fold your paper in quarters and use each section for a season.

Write the name of the season in each box before gluing your bits and pieces. You can draw people, houses, a snowman or anything else you like to make your seasonal poster a success.

Most students enjoy learning about the seasons. As a teacher or parent teaching your children it is important to remember that in some parts of the world there is not only spring, summer, fall or autumn and winter but also wet and dry seasons. Places like Australia's top end have wet seasons and students living in those regions are well acquainted with this term. Students from other parts may have never heard of wet and dry seasons and will need to be taught what these terms mean.

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