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What is a language?


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Languages are the words you speak. There are many different languages. In England people speak English, in Germany people speak German. It is good to learn your own language well and if you want to, you can learn a second language. This can be good if you want to travel to another country. How good would it be if you could ask for your favourite food in Spanish, Swedish or Chinese!

To be able to read a second language is also handy if you like reading about cultures and far away places. You could go online and read web sites written in Japanese, Swiss, French or maybe Italian. Lots of people speak more than one language and it is possible to learn with the help of language software programs, language books and audio tapes. Of course it is always best to be taught by a native speaking person but this is not always possible.

Can you speak or understand a second language? ______________

If you can which one? ______________________

Write what language the people speak in the following countries:
















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