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The Indian Cobra lives in southern Asia.   blank
The African egg-eating snake lives on birds' eggs.   blank
Snakes are reptiles.   blank
The Adder is not poisonous.   blank
Snakes breathe with their lungs.   blank
Reptiles are warm-blooded.   blank
Snakes are not found in Antarctica.   blank
No other animal will eat poisonous snakes.   blank
Snakes hibernate through the winter months.   blank
There are only 12 poisonous specie of snakes.   blank
Toads and lizards often hibernate in snake holes.   blank
The Tiger snake can be found in Australia.   blank
Australia has many poisonous snakes.   blank
The Slow-Worm is an African snake.   blank
The boa is poisonous.   blank
Snakes are useful to keep mice population down.   blank
People don't die of snake bites these days.   blank
There are no snakes listed as 'protected'.   blank
Many snakes live in the oceans.   blank
The Indonesian Tree Snake is also found in India.   blank


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