Insulated wire Light bulb Paperclips Paper fasteners Battery Wire cutters
Insulated wire Light bulb Paperclips Paper fasteners Battery Wire cutters

An Electrical Circuit Quiz Board

quiz board

Materials needed:

  • A4 card

  • Insulated wires

  • Light bulb

  • Metal paperclips

  • Metal paper fasteners

  • Battery

  • Wire cutters

  • Questions &answers

  • Paint

  • Glue

  • Adhesive putty

rear of quiz board


The following project was made by a 12 year old, but with a little help can be made by younger children too. Older children should have little trouble putting this simple electrical circuit quiz board together. The materials needed for this project are few and inexpensive and can usually be readily found around the house or school. If you have difficulty in obtaining insulated thin electrical wires, an electrician or technician might be able to help you out and give you some free off-cuts for your project. The wires only need to be approximately 35cm. in length at the most. A 2.5 volt torch light bulb is great and type and size batteries are entirely up to you as long as they are fully charged and have a voltage greater than 1.5v and less than 2.5v. If you use a globe that operates on a higher voltage use more batteries but do not exceed the globe voltage rating. With new technology you can now use light emitting diodes (LED) for this project. LED's are not like a light bulbs, LED's need to be connected the correct way, one leg to the positive teminal and the other to the negative, please check.



Punch 2 neat round holes in the top of the card.

Make a small hole below but in the centre of the previous 2 holes punched for the light bulb or LED.

Attach one wire to the positive and one wire to the negative terminal of the battery or batteries. Attach wire to light bulb or LED.

Stick the battery, using adhesive putty, to the back of the card on one side, loop the 2 wires through the holes at the top of the card.

Tie wires using paper fasteners.

Glue on questions and answers on the card randomly.

Twist bare wire ends around paperclips. Attach to edge of card matching questions with the correct answer.

Check answers by touching one wire on the question paperclip and the other wire on the answer paper clip. Bulb or LED should glow if correct.

Decorate around the eyes, nose and paint a mouth.

Find a partner to test the quiz board.


animation of quiz board sections part 1 animation of quiz board sections part 2
front view back view


Face template A4  (pdf 29KB) / Printer friendly instructions: How to make your quiz board  (pdf 160KB)

Questions & Answers:

Math  (pdf 22KB) /  Geography  (pdf 23KB) /  Shapes  (pdf 31KB) /  Science  (pdf 32KB)


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