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Homeschool News Articles

Thinking of Home Education

If you are thinking of taking your children out of school, the answer to your question is very simple, you can either struggle on trying to correct your children's choice behaviour each day they learn some more poor social behaviour, or you can home educate your children. Home education is the best alternative if you want control of what your children read, see, hear and do.... read more

Why Home Education

The safe home environment for children is a major consideration for many parents. Not having to worry about playground bullies, drugs, alcohol, peer pressures and many other distasteful occurrences which often happen in schools on a daily basis.... read more

Starting Home Education

There are many homeschool advocates that would say 'anyone can homeschool'which is true if you can answer all the questions below with a positive resolve. The only problem with that statement is most parents in many societies around the world do not have the time to home educate their children. It is very simple, parents are either working to buy the things they WANT or they are in a low socio-economic circumstance and working to buy the things they NEED. These two circumstantial reasons are often why parents choose not to home educate their children.... read more

Unschooling Good or Bad

Many homeschool families have adopted and some continue to adopt the unschooling method so aptly named by a school teacher from Boston because he considered that the confinement and rigid process of the then present day traditional schooling was not working for him or his students. John Holt developed the idea that children needed to avoid most if not all negative things that traditional schooling and traditional classroom learning imposed upon students.

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