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Educational Links

If you can't find what you are looking for on our site you may be lucky at one of these educational sites.


Selection of eBooks from Kindergarten to Year 10 for parents and busy educators who need some extra teaching resources.


Improves reading, writing and comprehension.
Fun workbooks are found on our shopping cart.


Basic Worksheets

Download Printable worksheets ages 5 through 15 years, just select the required age group.


Teachers will find a wealth of educational resources here.

Solar Power

Delve into some advanced projects about solar power or perhaps build a solar project.

More Educational Stuff

Online games, activities and printable worksheets area for primary and high school students. Suitable for students with English as their Second Language, ESL students.



Quizzes and projects about monkeys, dogs, birds, sea creatures, snakes, horses and donkeys. Teaching strategies & ideas! by Ingrid Griggs

World of Art

Develop fine motor skills with these artistic ideas, examples and projects for Primary School students.

Cooking Project

Create your own recipe book with this interactive activity about cooking terminology used in the kitchen.

Fungi Theme

Improve reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, grammar, research skills & record keeping with this great theme about fungi.

Photo Gallery

This area allows you to delve into wildflowers, zookeeping, insects, minibeasts or mining.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures Printable worksheets ages 5 through 12 years, just select the required ebook and shop.


Printable Worksheets

Years K-10 and ESL students. Multi level worksheets across multiple learning areas. English, maths, science, languages, art & more.

Danger Zone

Learn about poisonous frogs, food poisoning, personal safety, copyright, eye safety, spiders, and how to make friends.

Home Education

Helpful tips about teaching children at home. Some interesting articles can also be viewed regarding homeschool.

K-10 students

Project examples about the weather, animals, countries, plants and a variety of other teaching tools.

learn the abc

Student Projects

Learn about cars, the cullinan diamond, flies, crocodiles, bull ants, and the ABC's. Or find out about Llanfairpwllgwyngyll or Robert Wadlow, the tallest man.

Worksheet Generator

Create your own worksheets with this online worksheet generator. Kindergarten to Year 10.


Inventions & Enterprises

Delve into an era between 1780 and 1980. Learn how the steam locomotive came about or the Eiffel tower amongst many others.


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