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Before applying for an award please make sure your school web site contains......

  • Original student work (preferably handwritten) this is the main criteria.

  • Working links

  • Easy page navigation

Please also read the following important points......

  • Send us the exact URL where we can view student work, not just your home page

  • If you don't hear from us within two weeks your submission was unsuccessful.

  • If you have posted new student work and you were unsuccessful on a previous submission, please try again .

Teaching Treasures Publications encourages students to show some of their art work and hand written works on school web sites. Many people visiting school websites find student handy work interesting. The school web sites below have displayed some of their student work and provide good working links and easy page navigation, for those reasons were chosen for the Teaching Treasures Award.

well done


North End School (Cedar Grove District NJ)
Mrs Schmidt's Place for Spot and his Gang
Mrs Jones's class
Mrs Stein's Second Grade *
Susan Roll Leach School
Taylors Elementary School
Miss Hardison's Class
Evergreen Elementary School
Mr's Crites' 4th Grade
The curse of king Tut fact or myth
Mrs Gagne's Kindergarten
Mrs Bindus - 3rd Grade
Room Eights Work
Mr. Coley's 5th grade classroom
The Best Second Grade
Kelly School
Byron Bay Starfish Class (Yr3/4)
Mr Conants's Science Web Site
READ 180 Dragon Den
Crabbes Creek Public School
Grenada Upper Elementary 4/5 grade class
Leaping Into Second Grade
Mrs Mac's Grade 4
Mrs Shea's Fourth Grade Class
Mrs. Crites' Fourth Grade
Mila Elementary School
Houlton Elementary School Grade 3 Room 12
Mrs Sondej's First Grade Class
Adrian Bruce's class *
Mrs Drakes Kindergarten Class
Park Meadows School
Felton First School
Senator Buchanan School
Mr & Mrs Smith's Life Science Web
Our lady of the Assumption elementary school
Brayford Primary School
Gold Ridge Elementary school *
Mr's Gray's Classroom
Mrs Pohlmeyer's kindergarten page
Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class
Ms Steffens Monroe Elementary School
Grade 5NT
Ms. Kunz's Third Grade Class
Mrs. Alexander's Second Grade Web Page
Tremont Grade School
Sanit Maria Gorgetti School Grade 3/4
Swimbridge Primary School
Ballymena Primary School
Mrs. Gray's Second Grade Classroom
Academy for Scientific Research
Nicolson Avenue Junior Primary School
Community school .net
Starlight Park Elementary School
Hilton Computer Lab
Clunbury C.E Primary and Nursery School
Mr Jaffe's 6th Grade Web site
Palm Lane Elementry School
Sara Sobel 2nd Grade Web site

Some sites are no longer available and "links" to them are no longer online, if your site has a new location please let us know, contact us.

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