List of Homophones

Not all of these words may be 'homophone approved' by yourself, it depends
on your English pronunciation. Please bear that in mind when veiwing words!

©2003 Teaching Treasures Publications

Ad Add Aerie Airy Ail Ale Air Heir
Aisle Isle All Awl Allowed Aloud Altar Alter
Arc Ark Ascent Assent Ate Eight Attendance Attendants
Aural Oral Axes Axis Aye Eye Bail Bale
Baited Bated Bald Bawled Ball Bawl Band Banned
Bard Barred Bare Bear Baron Barren Base Bass
Based Baste Be Bee Beach Beech Beat Beet
Beau Bow Beer Bier Bell Belle Berry Bury
Berth Birth Billed Build Blew Blue Bloc Block
Boar Bore Board Bored Boarder Border Bold Bowled
Bolder Boulder Bootie Booty Born Borne Burro Burrow
Bough Bow Braid Brayed Brake Break Bread Bred
Brewed Brood Brews Bruise Bridal Bridle Broach Brooch
Brows Browse But Butt Buy Bye Caddie Caddy
Callous Callus Canon Cannon Canter Cantor Canvas Canvass
Capital Capitol Carat Carrot Carol Carrel Cast Caste
Cede Seed Ceiling Sealing Cell Sell Cellar Seller
Censor Sensor Cent Scent Cereal Serial Cession Session
Chance Chants Chased Chaste Cheap Cheep Chews Choose
Chic Sheik Chilli Chilly Choir Quire Choral Coral
Chord Cored Chute Shoot Cite Sight Clause Claws
Close Clothes Coarse Course Colonel Kernel Complement Compliment
Council Counsel Coward Cowered Creak Creek Crewel Cruel
Crews Cruise Cue Queue Currant Current Cygnet Signet
Cymbal Symbol Dam Damn Days Daze Dear Deer
Dense Dents Desert Dessert Dew Due Die Dye
Disburse Disperse Discreet Discrete Doe Dough Does Doze
Done Dun Dual Duel Dyeing Dying Earn Urn
Eave Eve Eek Eke Eight Ate Ewe You
Ewes Yews Eye Aye Eyelet Islet Faint Feint
Fair Fare Faun Fawn Faze Phase Feat Feet
Fined Find Fir Fur Fisher Fissure Flair Flare
Flea Flee Flew Flue Floe Flow Flour Flower
Foaled Fold For Four Foreword Forward Forth Fourth
Foul Fowl Franc Frank Frays Phrase Freeze Frieze
Friar Fryer Gaff Gaffe Gait Gate Gamble Gambol
Genes Jeans Gibe Jibe Gild Guild Gilt Guilt
Knew New Gofer Gopher Gorilla Guerrilla Gourd Gored
Grate Great Grill Grille Grisly Grizzly Groan Grown
Guessed Guest Guise Guys Hail Hale Hair Hare
Hall Haul Hangar Hanger Hart Heart Hay Hey
Heal Heel Hear Here Heard Herd Heir Air
Heroin Heroine Hew Hue Hi High Him Hymn
Ho Hoe Hoard Horde Hoarse Horse Hoes Hose
Hole Whole Holy Wholly Hostel Hostile Hour Our
Idle Idol In Inn Incidence Incidents Intense Intents
Isle Aisle Islet Eyelet Jam Jamb Jeans Genes
Jibe Gibe Kernel Colonel Knave Nave Knead Need
Knew New Knight Night Knit Nit Knot Not
Know No Knows Nose Lacks Lax Lain Lane
Lama Llama Laps Lapse Lay Lei Leach Leech
Lead Led Leak Leek Lean Lien Leased Least
Lessen Lesson Levee Levy Lie Lye Links Lynx
Lo Low Load Lode Loan Lone Locks Lox
Loot Lute Made Maid Mail Male Main Mane
Maize Maze Mall Maul Manner Manor Mantel Mantle
Marshal Martial Mask Masque Massed Mast Meat Meet
Medal Meddle Metal Mettle Mewl Mule Mews Muse
Might Mite Mince Mints Mind Mined Miner Minor
Missal Missile Missed Mist Moan Mown Moose Mousse
Morning Mourning Muscle Mussel Mustard Mustered Naval Navel
Nave Knave Nay Neigh Need Knead New Gnu
Nicks Nix Night Knight Nit Knit No Know
None Nun Nose Knows Not Knot Oar Ore
Ode Owed Oh Owe One Won Oral Aural
Our Hour Paced Paste Packed Pact Pail Pale
Pain Pane Pair Pear Palette Pallet Passed Past
Patience Patients Pause Paws Peace Piece Peak Peek
Peal Peel Pearl Purl Pedal Peddle Peer Pier
Phase Faze Phrase Frays Plain Plane Plait Plate
Pleas Please Plum Plumb Pole Poll Pore Pour
Praise Prays Presence Presents Pride Pried Pries Prize
Primer Primmer Prince Prints Principal Principle Profit Prophet
Quarts Quartz Queue Cue Quire Choir Rabbet Rabbit
Rain Reign Raise Rays Rap Wrap Rapt Wrapped
Real Reel Red Read Read Reed Reek Wreak
Residence Residents Rest Wrest Retch Wretch Review Revue
Right Write Ring Wring Road Rowed Roe Row
Role Roll Roomer Rumour Root Route Rose Rows
Rote Wrote Rouse Rows Rude Rued Rung Wrung
Rye Wry Sac Sack Sail Sale Sane Seine
Saver Savour Scene Seen Scent Sent Scull Skull
Sea See Sealing Ceiling Seam Seem Seas Seize
Seed Cede Sell Cell Seller Cellar Sensor Censor
Serf Surf Serge Surge Serial Cereal Session Cession
Sew Sow Shearn Sheer Sheik Chic Shoe Shoo
Shone Shown Shoot Chute Sic Sick Side Sighed
Sighs Size Sight Cite Signet Cygnet Slay Sleigh
Sleight Slight Soar Sore Soared Sword Sole Soul
Soled Sold Some Sum Son Sun Staid Stayed
Stairs Stares Stake Steak Stationary Stationery Steal Steel
Step Steppe Stile Style Straight Strait Succour Sucker
Suite Sweet Symbol Cymbal Tacked Tact Tacks Tax
Tail Tale Taper Tapir Taught Taut Tea Tee
Team Teem Tear Tier Teas Tease Tense Tents
Tern Turn Their There Threw Through Throes Throws
Throne Thrown Thyme Time Tic Tick Tide Tied
Too Two Toad Towed Toe Tow Told Tolled
Tracked Tract Troop Troupe Trussed Trust Undo Undue
Urn Earn Use Yews Vain Vein Vale Veil
Vice Vise Wade Weighed Waist Waste Wait Weight
Waive Wave Wares Wears Warn Worn Way Weigh
We Wee Weak Week Whole Hole Wholly Holy
Won One Wood Would Wrap Rap Wrapped Rapped
Wreak Reek Wrest Rest Wretch Retch Wring Ring
Write Right Wrote Rote Wrung Rung Wry Rye
Yew You Yews Use Yoke Yolk