Aboriginal Art - an open ended project.

Aboriginal art photo

Aboriginal art is very popular in Australia and many other parts of the world. By following this project students will learn and benefit from Australian Aboriginal culture and their unique art.

What you need to do:

With the availability of acrylic paints, aboriginal art now has many bright colours as displayed in the example pictures below. These paintings would look completely different if painted with natural ochres. It is best to use natural ochres on canvas that has not been primed (white-washed) unless you are going to experiment with different mediums to work out which medium works best with natural ochres and which will help the ochre to bond (stick to) with the primed canvas.

Ochres used on wood bonds quite well and didgeridoos are a favourite item to paint with natural ochres. Plain water can be used as a natural solvent medium to work with natural ochres.

Aboriginal art photo


Aboriginal art photo


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