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Teaching Treasures Maths area is ideal to learn some maths from the convenience of your PC or laptop computer.
Learning maths using a computer on the Internet has become quite common try out this math activity.

True or False Game

A pyramid has 4 faces and a base.   blank
The numerator is the number on top in a fraction.   blank
A nanosecond is one-billionth of a second.   blank
1/20th is the same as 50%   blank
Bees use the hexagon shape in their honeycomb.   blank
3.06 < 3.006   blank
Fahrenheit is a name of a  temperature measurement.   blank
Human faces are exactly symmetrical.   blank
The base of a pyramid has four edges.   blank
There are no such things as improper fractions.   blank
3797 + 2753 = 6550   blank
Division is  the opposite of multiplication.   blank
A round tin can shape is called a cylinder.   blank
Egyptian pyramids are tetrahedrons.   blank
Celsius boiling point is 87.5 degrees.   blank
A surveyor uses a theodolite to measure angles.   blank
The earth is not a sphere.   blank
$3.97 - 0.88 = $2.99   blank
Square numbers do exist.   blank
46 minutes from 7:16p.m. = 6:30p.m.   blank


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