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play the true false game cartoon graphic of a duck

Kookaburras live in Australia.   blank
'Brolga' is a bird specie.   blank
Hummingbirds are the smallest birds.   blank
Humans are no threat to birds.   blank
The pink-eared duck has zebra stripe markings.   blank
Honeyeater birds only eat honey.   blank
All birds lay eggs.   blank
Birds are mammals.   blank
The green Rosella is found only in Tasmania.   blank
The Rainbow Lorikeet only flies when it rains.   blank
Parikeets are smuggled to other countries for money gains.   blank
The red-tailed black cockatoos are protected.   blank
The Gang-Gang Cockatoo has a red crown.   blank
Pink cockatoos don't make good pets.   blank
The Wandering Albatros is a medium sized bird.   blank
There are many colourful birds in Europe.   blank
The world's largest bird is the emu.   blank
Hawks and falcons are not very savage.   blank
At the centre of the feather is a rigid shaft called the quill.   blank
Feathers are highly specialized structures.   blank


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