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Enter Teaching Tools

by Ingrid Griggs

Teaching Tools area provides educational games, online interactive activities, printable worksheets, project ideas and lesson plans. It is suitable for K-10 including ESL students. There is a large selection once you enter this area covering reading, writing and research skills. Because literacy and numeracy are priority areas to teach, many of the educational games are aimed as such.

Dyslexia is a problem for some and for those with learning disabilities we also cover this topic within our Reading Methods area as well as a special section on learning how to read, includes teaching the ABC's. Feel free to browse the shopping cart if you wish to purchase printable worksheets as eBooks.

Why Is It Here?

Large amounts of money is spent on educational work books and tools, many sit idle or deteriorate over time with repeated use. Due to technological advances many books can be printed from electronic media or directly from the Internet, saving you storage space, money and time.

Clean, clear worksheets can be purchased and then printed directly from your PC. No more smudged, torn or crumpled copies from the deep, dark, depths of your archived materials. The online interactivities can be used many times over. Simply activate the activities from any computer over the Internet and watch students learn while you have more free time to attend to other matters.

The Teaching Treasures web site is encyclopedic in size and ideal if you teach students across a wide age range, we provide a large range of teaching supplies in the Teaching Tools are of our site. They can be used as a supplementary resource or as a stand-alone teaching tools, don't forget to support us.

How 2 Guide

The how to guide contains hundreds of activities within the learning areas of mathematics, English, science, society and environment, health, social studies, art, technology and enterprise. These resources are designed to equip teachers with quality training tools and teaching supplies to suit student requirements.

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