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Dogs like regular exercise.   blank
A dog can become vicious if ill treated.   blank
Dogs need rest just like humans.   blank
All dogs like playing in water.   blank
Dogs are mammals.   blank
Dogs hibernate in winter.   blank
The dog is an omnivore.   blank
Dogs have the best sense of smell in the world.   blank
A blind dog can live a fairly normal life.   blank
There are 80 different dog species.   blank
You'll find dogs all over the world.   blank
Some civilizations worshipped dogs.   blank
Dogs kept as pets need grooming.   blank
You're allowed to kill dogs because you don't like them.   blank
Adult dogs all weigh up to 30 kg.   blank
A dog can live a long life.   blank
Puppies are born with no fur.   blank
A female dog can only have one puppy at a time.   blank
Dingos are a type of wild dog.   blank
Dogs have been kept as pets for thousands of years.   blank


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