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BVS stand for Bachelor of Veterinary Science.   blank
'Laminitis' effects some horses.   blank
A vet has plenty of paperwork to do besides animal care.   blank
You must look at the ground when jumping an obstacle.   blank
'Arab Plaiting' is sometimes used on horses.   blank
You can use detergents safely to wash a horse.   blank
A horse or donkey needs regular grooming.   blank
Donkeys don't need shoes when riding them.   blank
Indian tribes often slowly built up their herds of horses.   blank
Donkeys are always well mannered.   blank
The Appaloosas are one of the most popular US breeds.   blank
The donkey's manure is excellent for vegetable gardens.   blank
The donkey is often protective of their home territory.   blank
Meat is nourishing for donkeys.   blank
The mare is the male horse.   blank
It takes 11 months for a foal to be born.   blank
Stallions are not dominant and will tolerate other stallions.   blank
Donkeys are exactly the same build as horses.   blank
'Dutch Warm-blood' is a modern Dutch horse breed.   blank
Carriage horses are graceful, high steppers.   blank


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