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Capuchin monkeys live in the Amazon jungle.   blank
'Sportive' is a lemur specie.   blank
The smallest marmoset is the 'Pygmy.   blank
Farmers are no threat to monkeys.   blank
The Rhesus monkey is often used for scientific research.   blank
Baboons are not the largest monkey.   blank
Siamang is of the gibbon family.   blank
Chimpanzees will not kill and eat other monkeys.   blank
Chimpanzees can make very expressive faces.   blank
The orang-utan has short black hair.   blank
Orang-utans are only found in South-east Asia.   blank
Gorillas are the largest primates.   blank
Mature male gorillas are also known as'silverbacks'.   blank
Mountain gorillas are only found in Australia.   blank
Gibbons are not very good defenders of their homes.   blank
Baboons live almost everywhere in Africa.   blank
The 'Howler Monkey' is very quiet.   blank
There are millions of Golden Lion Tamarins.   blank
Lemurs only live on Madagascar and Comoro Islands.   blank
Gorillas are also known as 'Gentle Giants'.   blank


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