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Grizzly bears eat fish and meat.   0
The grizzly bear's claws grow up to 4 inches long.   0
Grizzlies can sleep 4 weeks without changing position.   0
Grizzly bears don’t like water.   0
Grizzlies grow to 2.5 metres in length.   0
Grizzly bears eat when hibernating.   0
The brown bear is an omnivore.   0
Bears have the best sense of smell in the world.   0
Bears are blond, reddish brown, brown or nearly black.   0
There are 80 different bear species in the world.   0
Grizzly bears like salmon.   0
The largest grizzly bears are the Kodiak bears.   0
The grizzly bear's main enemy is the human.   0
Any person can kill grizzlies.   0
Adult grizzlies weigh up to 30 kg.   0
A grizzly bear can live up to 18 years old.   0
Grizzly cubs are born with no fur.   0
Grizzlies live in Australia.   0
Adult male grizzly bears travel alone.   0
A male grizzly can stand 10 feet high.   0


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