Teaching Treasures™

Welcome to the danger zone

Danger is all around us! Be aware!
Take care, on the beach or in the waters.
Danger lurks in strange quarters.



Poisonous Frogs: The name poison-dart frog is derived from the South American native peoples' practice of putting poison, which the frogs secrete from their skin, on the tips of their arrows in order to kill prey.


Food Poisoning: Cancer can be caused by smoking, alcohol, fumes or asbestos and you can't see the cancer at first... you can't see food poisoning until it is to late and you feel very sick.


Personal Safety: If you see somebody breaching copyright, inform them they are breaking the law. Most people write books, stories, music, educational products and legal papers for a living.


Eye Safety: Never shoot elastic bands at someone's face. It could damage their eye permanently! Permanently means for ever.


Deadly Spiders: Some people have phobias about spiders. Many spiders are quite harmless and beautiful creatures. Each spider is different even when they are of the same specie.


Friendships: Maybe you don't have a credit card, or you weren't pre approved online for that nifty colour coded credit card but your friends were. Not to mention... What!.... You don't do drugs?

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