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Draw a car and label different car parts. Design and make a car from recycled material. Read about cars.

cullinan diamond

The Cullinan diamond was discovered in 1905 in South Africa and brought to England by Thomas Cullinan.

germ carriers, flies

Houseflies can be dangerous. They breed rapidly and under the right conditions carry diseases that can cause death.


Danger topics about toxic waste, dangerous goods, dangerous acids, high voltage and lots more.


In 1995, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Kobe, Japan. killing over 6000 people and injured 43000


In the 1880s, in a joking attempt to attract tourists, a tailor created the longest town name in the UK.


Crocodiles make nests by digging holes in dry soil where the mother croc will lay her eggs.


History is the story of past time. History is important because we can learn from the past.

bull ants

The sting of a bull ant is not barbed and does not remain in the victim, unlike the sting of a bee.

fruit is healthy

A health lesson about fruit with printable and online quiz. Fruit trees produce flowers called blossom.

Robert Pershing Wadlow

Robert Wadlow is recorded as being the tallest person in the world, 8 feet 11 inches.


Danger topic about toxic waste, dangerous goods, dangerous acids, high voltage and flammable liquids.


Draw your own sunbird on a large piece of paper. Tear or cut small pieces from old magazines and scrap books.


Scorpions are arthropods of the class Arachnida and are considered relatives of spiders, mites and ticks.

purple throated sunbird

These birds live in Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Java, Borneo and in the Philippine Islands.


Captain Blackbeard was a famous pirate. Most people were scared of him because he was not a nice man.

tufted malachite sunbird

These birds mainly eat lots of insects such as flies and bugs. The female makes the nest out of young roots.


Explorer Christopher Columbus took maize back to Europe and from then on people started growing corn in Europe.

ABC teach

Practical fun exercise using each letter of the alphabet. Incorporating mathematics.


Who is the biggest waste maker in the world? Should you recycle or is it a joke!


Design and decorate an owl poster. Locate facts from library books, wildlife videos or Internet.


If you like bees or are interested in learning more about bees then this might be a good project to do.


Danger topic about toxic waste, dangerous goods, dangerous acids, high voltage and flammable liquids.


Laws have been made to protect the waters from over-fishing, sometimes this doesn't stop fishermen.

The Australian outback
Australian Outback project with
worksheets for students K-10

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