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bear pompom cards

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Cards for all occasions are a great idea if you want to be original and always prepared for the unexpected moment. Simple to make and recycled or new materials can be used. Use your imagination and your creativity will just roll out card after card. Ideal for birthdays, christmas, easter, or just for that special moment. Here is an example of a little bear card.

What you need:

Stiff cardboard, brown, black or white pompom balls, buttons and red or pink material.

How to make:

  • Fold the rectangular card so both sides meet each other.
  • Glue one large pompom ball on the front with two smaller balls on the top for the ears.
  • You need to glue two front paws on the bottom of the big pompom.
  • Use a very small pompom ball for the nose and use buttons for the eyes.
  • For the mouth you will need pink or red material cut to shape.
  • On the back of this card glue another large ball Then glue the back paws.
  • You will also need a small pompom ball for the tail.
  • When you have finished, let the glue dry for about an hour.
  • You can make any animal you like. A duck, bear, elephant, mouse, and many more can be made... back

how to make cards visual  example

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