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paper quilling

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What you need:

Long strips of coloured paper about 15cm long and ½ cm wide, knitting needle, some cardboard and a template like a: clown, bird, bear, fish or flower. Check out the Art Borders if you don't want to draw your own template.

What to do:

Wind the thin strips of paper with a knitting needle into small rolls. Use your hands and fingers if you find it easier. Make lots of these rolls before gluing them on your piece of cardboard.

Choose a template.

When you have quilled the paper strips start gluing them on the respective places on the template. Flowers or fish are good to start with if you have never done quilling before.

The rolls of paper can be made long like a leaf, round or oval and also like a rounded heart shape. You can do this by rolling the paper to the relevant shape.

A rounded heart shape, roll a very loose round roll and push it in a little. If an oval shape is desired, just roll a big round shape and then squash it. The same with the leaf shape; just squash it down the bottom and leave the top part wide and rounded.

Another great way to create your own cards. Use your imagination and your creativity will just roll out card after card. Ideal for birthdays, christmas, easter, or just for that special moment... back

paper quilling example

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