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Successful Home Education
How to successfully homeschool children

Worksheets Educational resources with some Biblical references

Teaching Tools Unobstructed individual and collaborative learning resources

Downloadable eBooks Printable worksheets and resources at discounted prices

Online Games Christian educational games for homeschool children

Homeschool News Articles Articles related to home school or education at home

Printable Biblical Worksheets 5-12 Biblical figures such as Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, King David, and Goliath. One biblical character for each letter of the alphabet. Great way to cover phonics, ABC's, literacy or numeracy skills while learning about great men and women of the Bible. Please click through to the appropriate age group.
Ages 5-8
Ages 9-10
Ages 11-12

tour the world Printable Worksheets Printable worksheets that are mind provoking are hard to find these days, so sometimes it's better to buy what you really want instead of searching for hours through the Internet. Instantly download individual student worksheet books to improve student learning skills with these workbook bargains.

Worksheets Educational resources with some Biblical references

Teach your Child Poor social behaviour or home education

Biblical Project Advance your child's research skills

Why Home Education Social & Educational Standards of Children

Unschooling Good or Bad Read about some pros and cons of unschooling

Informational Resources ADHD, autism, down syndrome, child development, bullying etc.

Schoolistic Approach Thinking of Home Education is all about choices in life.

Project Ideas Develop reading and writing skills. Numeracy and Literacy improvement across seven main subjects.


Consultant If you can read and write, you have the skills needed to teach your own children

Teach Reading Teach your child to read with this easy to follow online guide first read this helpfull article.

Interesting Articles Varying subjects that we have written about.

Bible Articles Stories, experience and
teaching about the Bible.

Dyslexia How to deal with dyslexia children or adults.

What to Teach Literacy and Numeracy requirements for Years K to 10.

Phonics Phonics to teach literacy and numeracy, avoiding dyslexia.

Resources Learn More We have a large range of educational product resources.

Worksheets Ages 5 to 15 Printable worksheets which can also be purchased from shopping cart.

Australian Stockwhips Australian leather stockwhips and tubewhips from recycled inner tubes.

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