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Snake in a glass cabinet with a girl looking.

Snakes are reptiles that lay eggs, breathe with lungs and have skins covered with scales. Reptiles are cold-blooded and their temperature depends on their surroundings. Snakes are found all over the world except in the Antarctic. You can find the Adder and the Viper snakes all over Europe and across Asia. They are poisonous. Did you know that some animals like hedgehogs, foxes and stoats prey on snakes like the adder and enjoy eating them. What a tasty meal!

Australia has a number of poisonous snakes too. Check out the links below to find out more about Aussie snakes. Some people mistake the
Slow-Worm or Blindworm for a snake but it really is a harmless legless lizard. The Asian or Indian Cobra lives in southern Asia and is one of the poisonous cobras. It grows to about 11/2m long.

New-born adders are eaten by many different animals such as toads, crows and other birds. The boa is not poisonous but squeezes its victim to death before swallowing it whole. It lives in the rivers systems near the banks of rivers. The Anaconda is a boa-constrictor and is found in South America. It is one of the longest snakes in the world and can grow as long as 9m. It likes the water and is a very good swimmer... try our interactive game

picture of sea snake

project ideas

Make a snake from recycled materials.
For older students: This can be cloth material, plastic lids from spray cans, tins with labels removed and colourfully painted or wooden blocks which you may be able to collect from a furniture factory, carpenter or wood worker.
For younger students: Collect cardboard boxes of similar size, decorate with paint, paper, old buttons etc and tie together with strong string or thin wire. Ensure the tail is tapered to a point and the head made shapely with a flicking tongue.

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