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Breach it and you might have to face the consequences

Instructions: Read the Personal Safety page first before filling out the true/false game. Check out some of the links to other web sites if in doubt and research the copyright topic. Heavy penalties are in force if you get caught breaching copyright so make sure you do the right thing. Not because you don't want to get a fine but because doing the right thing is part of being an honest and trustworthy citizen of your country.

If you see somebody breaching copyright, inform them they are breaking the law. Cutting copyright notices of papers such as worksheets is also breaching copyright. If you are asked to fill out a worksheet in class and there is no copyright notice on it, ask your teacher if it has been removed and why. Most people write books, stories, music, educational products and legal papers for a living. They need to eat and pay bills just like you, so don't steal their work. Honesty is a good thing! Honesty helps everyone including yourself.

If you were caught, just imagine the explaining you would have to do to your friends or lawyer! You might even have to refinance your home loan to pay the bills. Or you may need to take a mortgage out against your home if you own it outright to pay for the court costs. It doesn't stop there though! If you had to refinance your home you are likely to get into serious debt. Debt problems often lead to the need of a debt solution. These debt solution companies offering solutions may be able to help you in this area but charge a fee for their services... and the circle of unnecessary stress continues, so don't break the copyright law.

Have fun completing this interactive activity provided for your learning... but remember, it is still copyrighted! The aim of the game is learning about copyright.

You can face large fines for breaching copyright.   blank
You are not allowed to copy pictures and sell them.   blank
You can go to jail for breaching copyright.   blank
You're allowed to copy whole books for your education.   blank
Copyright can be bought or sold.    blank
You can sell someone else's copyright without permission.   blank
There is such a thing as intellectual copyright.   blank
Children cannot copyright anything.    blank
E-Books can be copyrighted.   blank
Web sites are not copyrighted.   blank
Teachers are not allowed to copy videos for class.   blank
Drawings in books are copyrighted.   blank
Foreign language books are copyrighted.   blank
There is no need to copyright short stories.   blank
Computer software is not copyrighted.   blank
You are not allowed to copy music.   blank
You're allowed to play music cd's at paid public functions.   blank
Musicians don't get royalties when others play their music.   blank
You should always seek copyright permission if in doubt.   blank
All of Teaching Treasures web site is copyrighted.   blank

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