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Home education, or homeschool has become a popular alternative to educate children. This valuable online new e-Course! provides real life experiences, tried and proven methods on how to teach core subjects and provides lots of answers to your many questions about home education, the education department, opposition from family and friends, and how to deal with daily problems. Student work examples, known as printable worksheets are also provided.

The original book Successful Home Education was primarily written for Australian parents however, the information is just as helpful for parents wanting to homeschool their children in other parts of the world and provides helpful and practical information about home education. Follow the Chapters by selecting them from the left-hand menu, or simply pick the topic you would like to read about.


The idea to write a book about this subject, be it big or small, seemed ludicrous to me. Time is precious and who would want to read what I have to say anyway? After years of thought and indecisiveness I finally put my fingers to the keyboard. You may find some spelling and grammar errors, I’m not going to beat around the bush and claim that it will be perfect… far from it. I am also not going to spend endless months editing these pages as this would probably lead to writer’s block and a fear of submitting this script to other human beings.

On occasion I will refer to ‘your child’ as ‘he’. I have done this in order to make the text more readable but it definitely does not mean I have forgotten about the ‘female’ gender. Your daughters are just as important as your sons but reading ‘he/she’ on a regular basis can be annoying and can detract from what I am trying to say, hence the ‘he’ approach has been used.

For those who are interested in home education and for those who have already started and would like to know my story, I decided to write down my thoughts, experiences, joys and sorrows. My name is Ingrid and I was born in the Netherlands and came to this beautiful country Australia in 1983. My understanding of the English language was limited so I had to learn almost everything from scratch. I have fond memories of the days when words made no sense and ‘Unions’ were declared as ‘Onions’. Sad memories of missed friendships and opportunities because my No’s should have been Yes’s and my nods should have been shakes.
Alas…. what more can I say!

My thanks goes to all the Aussies who showed patience and kindness in teaching this foreign girl their ways and I sincerely hope that the people of this fantastic country will never lose their true Australian helpful ways and identity.

Successful Home Education, 2004, ISBN 1876893168, Copyright © Griggs I. M. Published by: Teaching Treasures Publications can be viewed online, purchased from our shopping cart or read at the National Library of Australia in eBook format.

Chapter 1 How we Started

My husband has always been a little unorthodox and eccentric as far as this world is concerned, so when he suggested to homeschool our children I wasn’t too disturbed. It was early 1988, a couple of months before the birth of our third child when we decided to look into this homeschool bit. I had actually met a couple of homeschool families some years earlier but didn’t realize what was meant when they told me their children were homeschooled. I do remember one family had three delightful young boys, all very keen to hear where I came from, what I was doing in Australia and where I was heading to next. They were creative, artistic, polite and full of life.

The other family I had met was equally delightful. The two boys had graduated from Queensland University and one had obtained a job as a surgeon, the other was a lawyer. I was only seventeen when I met these families and really not aware what this homeschooling bit entailed, being public schooled myself. Thinking back, I now realize that homeschooling or better said, home education is definitely not a new phenomenon as many people so recklessly and unjustifiably claim. Home education has been around since the foundation of the world. Imagine Adam and Eve saying; 'Cain, Abel get dressed for school, hurry up you’re late. Don’t forget your lunch!' How about Noah enrolling his sons into college to learn engineering, boat building, timber craft, zoology. Wow!

(by Ingrid Griggs)

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