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Why some people don't celebrate Christmas!

Most denominational churches observe the festal days of Christmas in some form or another but each year people are confronted with a problem. They would like to know where the information is in the one remaining Book which is said to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If one took the time to read the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation one would be surprised to find Christmas or its celebration is nowhere to be found. There is not a word in the whole of Scripture concerning the annual celebration of Christmas, with all the trappings which accompany this festival.

So, where did Christmas come from if it wasn't from Christian origin and not inspired by God? It came from the vain imagination of men and is an invented way of worshipping God. To worship God in His way is acceptable, to worship Him in our own way is sin.

There is no middle road according to the Bible, yet many think there is. Should we partake in the tree worship which is the symbol of Baal (or Satan) worship? The mistletoe, represents a messiah which is to reconcile us to deity. Decorations of little balls represent the goddess of fertility, and wax candles are used in satanic rituals all over the world.

Twelve centuries before Christ was born, pagan idolaters introduced a festival to celebrate the birthday of the un-conquered sun. A day was set which still stands today, the 25th of December. This celebration on the 25th of December is a mighty counterfeit religious system of which the green tree is one of its symbols.

Santa Claus is not as historic as the celebration of the un- conquered sun. In the early days many saints were created. A Bishop Nicholas, became the saint of children. Legend says that three children had been chopped up by a butcher and put into a salting vat, but this good saint brought them to life again. Such stories resulted in great devotion to Saint Nicholas as most people will know him in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France and England and later these names were changed to Santa Claus and eventually into Father Christmas.

To this foolish fantasy most people latched on and are still celebrating this special day in December which represents nothing of the true God or Christ which was born to save man-kind from eternal damnation. Jesus was born, only to be crucified and to be raised up again on the third day. He was born to save sinners and to give them direct access to eternal life through the shedding of His blood on the cross.

Nowhere in the Bible is a record of the actual date. Nowhere in the Bible does it state to celebrate His birth, but in many passages of Scripture it says to honour God and to worship Him, as He is the creator of mankind, and He will have the last say about every ones future, eternal life in heaven or eternal damnation in the lake of fire... back

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