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You can provide your child the necessary skills to become a good reader. If you can spare even a half an hour a day you will find that within a short time your child will be reading simple words. The Teach Your Child to Read program along with some of the resources found here at Teaching Treasures provides enjoyable easy to follow guides that help your child gain the essential skills of letter recognition and then reading. The basics of what you need are provided, no complicated directions, just you and your child having fun learning together. All lessons come with easy to follow step by step instructions within the program.

Have you been led to believe that you could do more harm than good if you taught your child to read? Your child might be halfway through their first year in school and still unable to read or you may have a preschooler that is bored with colouring and ready to read? In either case, we believe that you can teach your child to read with these easy lessons and step-by-step guides that show you simply and clearly how you can teach your child to read. With these great teaching tools and interactive games and suggestions on this website you can achieve this.

We have dedicated this part of our website to help parents teach their children to read. Great articles with helpful suggestions and encouragement that will also direct you to our vast array of teaching tools provided for no cost and our great educational eBooks that are really great value for money.

Our Teach Your Child to Read course and website teaching tools for early childhood education are provided to help you teach your child to learn the letters of the alphabet and go on to the many other easy lessons that will help provide your child the basic reading skills needed for better opportunities in their future. We also like to encourage a stronger relationship with you and your child.

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