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Lesson 1 - Pattern design using the simple rubbing method (frottage)

crayon drawing

crayon rubbing

graphite drawing

graphite rubbing

chalk drawing

chalk rubbing

pencil drawing

pencil rubbing

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Materials needed:
  • graphite 2B or 4B
  • pencils 6B or 8B
  • charcoal - willow and compressed
  • crayons
  • chalk
  • every day paper or photocopying paper like reflex A4 paper
  • butcher paper
What to do:
  • Using a smooth glass window as background surface, try lightly rubbing with your chosen drawing medium (pencil, charcoal, crayon) over different types of leaves by placing the object you wish to rub over between the glass and the paper.
  • Besides leaves try lightly rubbing with your chosen drawing medium and paper over bark, footpaths, car tyres, rusty steel, carpet, wood, rocks, coins etc. Your choice is endless, see the different patterns appear on your paper.
  • Butcher paper is thin and can tear easily if you press too hard while rubbing over an object. Gentle rubbing with soft graphite will give excellent results.
  • Normal photocopy paper is a bit thicker and you can press a lot harder with the material you use.
  • Press hard and your rubbing will become dark.
  • Press medium and it will display lighter.
  • Press very lightly and it will show very faint plus it will be easy to erase should you not want it... back

coin rubbings


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