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Lesson 11 - Contour drawing

contour drawing

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Contour drawing means placing your pencil on the paper and drawing without taking the pencil from the page.

Materials needed:
  • A3 paper
  • board to clip paper on or an easel
  • 2B or 4B pencil
  • frames, boots, gloves, hat and log
  • spotlight
What to do:
  • Set the display with the frames, boots, gloves, hat and log, adding a spotlight above if needed.
  • Start the drawing on the paper without looking, only look at the display.
  • Control the pencil using your minds' eye, keep drawing from one object straight onto a new object.
  • You can look back onto your drawing to start at another point, but don't draw while you're looking at the paper.
  • No erasers are used. Your drawing will look messy, but don't try to fix it and don't worry about perspective. The idea of this drawing method is to train hand to brain co-ordination and have fun.
  • Only do the outline of the objects and don't take your pencil off the page to much.
  • When you have drawn the display, go outside and draw leaves, a tree. or someone's face... back
contour drawing   contour drawing


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