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Lesson 15 - Detailed drawing

detailed drawing

©Copyright 2000 Teaching Treasures Publications Materials needed:
  • A3 paper
  • ink or charcoal
  • 2B and 8B pencil
  • spotlight
  • umbrella, chair, hat and a towel
What to do:
  • Set up a display with the umbrella, chair, hat and towel.
  • Place a spotlight above the display.
  • Start drawing using the 2B pencil, do a light sketch first and get everything in place on your page. You don't have to draw the whole display you can just sketch part of it.
  • When you've drawn it with pencil you can use any drawing material you like. Pencils, charcoal or ink.
  • Try to do as much detail, shading and marks on your drawing as possible ... back
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