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Lesson 3 - 3D and perspective still life drawing using various pencils.

A student's view of a veranda looking into a room

A student's view of a veranda looking into a room.

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Materials needed:
  • pencils 2B(light) 4B(dark) 6B(darker) and 8B(darkest)
  • eraser and ruler
  • cartridge paper
What to do:
  • Choose a still life object to draw outside. This can be a building, a chimney on a roof, a street scene or you can sit on a veranda and draw the veranda, see example above.
  • Using cartridge paper, start with a 2B pencil which will make nice light lines.
  • Once you have the basic lines on paper start filling in detail with a 4B pencil, continue shading darker areas with 6B and 8B pencils for the darkest shadows.
  • Make sure you give your drawing a 3D effect, draw in perspective.... back


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