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Lesson 7 - Blast from the Past

blast from the past sketch

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viewer Make a small cardboard viewer like the one pictured left. Look at the object you are going to draw through the viewer to get an idea of what you want to draw on your paper. Draw the background going off the paper so your drawing isn't floating.


Materials needed:
  • A3 paper or bigger
  • 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B pencils
  • normal eraser or kneadable rubber
  • board to clip the paper on, or an easel
  • paper or cardboard frame
sketch of wheel

What to do:
  • If possible go to a nearby park or museum where old machinery is kept on display.
  • Choose a piece of equipment to draw.
  • Find the horizon line and draw the object very lightly first, then draw all the background behind.
  • Make sure when shading in your drawing to do it all at the same time because shadows change during the course of the day if it is outside. If drawing indoors under artificial light, you can take your time.
  • Use the cardboard frame to see how much area of the object you want to draw.
  • Draw the background going off the paper so your drawing isn't floating in the middle... back


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