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Lesson 9 - Drawing trees using charcoal

charcoal drawing

©Copyright 2000 Teaching Treasures Publications Materials needed:
  • A3 paper
  • willow charcoal
  • kneadable rubber
  • board to clip the paper on, or an easel
What to do:
  • Go to a nearby park and find a tree to draw.
  • Before you start the drawing, observe what marks can be made with the charcoal.
  • Find the horizon line and draw the outline of the tree in front of you.
  • Also draw the background behind the tree.
  • When drawing the bark you can twist the charcoal stick as you are drawing the lines down and the bark will become ripply.
  • You can also try smudging your drawing in spots. This can be very effective.
  • To draw the clouds cover the paper with charcoal and rub it in. Use a kneadable rubber to put in the light bits by taking away the darker areas. To make the clouds look more realistic draw darker shading at the base of the clouds... back
drawing of a tree   drawing of a tree using kneadable eraser


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